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Montana RIP


Well we all pretty much knew this day was coming  – for all intents and purposes Montana Studios is no more.

After almost 15 years of practicing in Room C at Montana, the building has been sold.  It was a great run and I think we’d be foolish to not feel lucky to have been a part of it for as long as we were.  Literally hundreds of people had come to Montana to hang out for a couple of hours and hear us play – I think that most of them would agree, the place was totally unique.  One of a kind.

Just to be clear: there are murmurs of the business moving to New Jersey, but to us it was always about the building, hanging out on the roof and the special vibe the place had.  The end of an era for sure.

Maybe they’ll take the original 3 foot by 5 foot Jimi Hendrix Woodstock print that I stared at weekly for 15 years with them – but it will not be the same.