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Magma. WTF?

I should start by saying that I like Prog Rock as much as the next guy.  I grew up listening to Yes, King Crimson, Rush, Genesis et al.

However, I have never come across anything like what I was introduced to last night.  Magma.  And they’ve been around since 1970.

First of all, they’re French.  Second of all, their lyrics contain no real words.  From their wikipedia page: Magma ” invented a constructed language Kobaian, in which most lyrics are sung.  Kobaïan is a phonetic language made by elements of the Slavonic and Germanic languages to be able to express some things musically. The language has of course a content, but not word by word. ”


More:   “In the course of their first album, the band tells the story of a group of people fleeing a doomed Earth to settle on the planet Kobaïa. Later, conflict arises when the Kobaïans — descendants of the original colonists — encounter other Earth refugees.”


They’re actually not bad though.  I think Matt may have a life sized doll of their guitar player.