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A New Dimension


We have recently been blessed with a new addition to The Rub family.  Through a chance meeting at a Brian May book signing (giggle . . . ),  Matt happened to meet a new friend, Scott Braun.

Over what was surely seemingly endless ours of waiting for an aging British rocker to mindlessly sign some illegible scrawl on a dust cover, Matt and Scott came to realize that they we sort of kindred spirits.   Their shared affinity for music trivia became apparent early on: Seriously, who knew that Richie Kotzen was in Poison for a hot second after CC Deville left?  Who had even heard of Richie Kotzen before the Winery Dogs?  Who even knows the Winery Dogs?

And now when Scott is around the rest of us no longer have to stand idly by staring into space as Matt’s drones on about bands we’ve never heard of and their various personnel changes.  But that’s only one aspect that Scott brings to the mix.

His photos are spectacular.  It’s been rightly pointed out that in order to testify to his talents one need look no further than the fact that he can somehow make us look almost human.  Some of the shots that he got at the Bitter End we amazing.  He really has an eye for the rock photography thing.

You can see some of his other work at the Krazed Kat Kamera website.

Oh and as a lucky strike double bonus:  he actually saw Be Bop Deluxe back in the day.  What are the odds?